International Women’s Day- Dr Seema Puri


Dr Seema Puri, National Vice President, Indian Dietetic Association


With over 30 years of teaching and research experience, Dr Seema Puri has been a consultant for UNICEF, WHO and UN WFP and a Member of the Project Review Committees at the Scientific Panel on Labeling/Claims and Advertisements of FSSAI.  


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Dr Seema Puri shares some personal space with NuFFooDS Spectrum-


My daily routine-


Nothing really exciting.  I wake up to a leisurely cup of tea and the newspaper. Off to college and the day goes by in a mad spin of  conducting classes,  guiding doctoral researches, overseeing research projects, paper writing, administrative duties and so on.  Back home by 5, I oversee household activities and enjoy the company of family and friends. After dinner, spend a couple of hours on the computer doing serious writing etc before retiring for the day.


My idea of nutrition and fitness-


While both fitness and nutrition is very important, it is only lately that I have started giving a thought to fitness and physical activity, though still am not very regular with these. Diet is important and I try to eat healthy.


My favourite cuisine-


Unfortunately fond of snacks and sweets which are often not really very healthy.


My favourite holiday spot-


The Swiss Alps


My idea of a balance between personal and professional life-


Evenings and weekends are generally reserved for family. Try and take short holidays together every few months.


My role model-


My mother and my former boss for their positivity and clarity of thought and direction.

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