AuMake ,Pure Nutrition to develop A1 & A2 milk powder formula

milk powder

AuMake International has signed a supply agreement with Pure Nutrition to develop a brand of “A1 and A2” milk powder formula products, best known for their beta-casein protein content.


The pricing and exact deal terms have been kept confidential but AuMake has committed to producing around 1 million units of A1 and 600,000 units of A2, as its initial annual target volume.


For Pure Nutrition, the deal opens the door to further extend its dominance over the New Zealand market where Pure already ranks as the country’s 2nd largest dairy co-operative owned by 400 farming families and Hong Kong-based Ausnutria Dairy Corporation, a top-eight dairy infant nutrition company in China.


AuMake has confirmed that its A1 product is scheduled for launch in October/November 2018 with the A2 product range to be launched in April/May 2019.


The latest product launch, therefore, supplements AuMake’s development.


AuMake says its main objective is to engage with the “growing and influential daigou and Chinese tourist markets.

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