Dr. Pratap Chauhan receives Asmita Legacy Award


In a mega event organized by the Foundation for Management Research & Training (FMRT), veteran actress and philanthropist Shabana Azmi presented the Legacy Award to Dr Partap Chauhan for reviving and maintaining the legacy of Ayurveda. Ms. Azmi was joined by Dr Jyoti Rana, Founder and Chairperson of FMRT.

The Women Leadership Conclave recognizes exceptional contributions towards reviving traditional and cultural legacies and forwarding their cause. The foundation took cognizance of Dr Chauhan’s leadership at Jiva Ayurveda to drive holistic health and well-being of the masses.

Accepting the award, Dr Chauhan said, “Jiva is committed to making Ayurveda easy, understandable and accessible for everybody. Over the past 25 years we have consistently improved the acceptance and believe in Ayurveda, not just in India but also abroad through precise and personalized treatment, as well as through education.”

Dr Chauhan also spoke on the importance of being Swastha (to be situated in one’s nature) in order to be successful in life and stay healthy. The conclave was graced by several distinguished members of the society and women leaders.

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