rfxcel spreads its Track & Trace Solutions to F&B


rfxcel, the Leader in Track and Trace Solutions for the pharmaceutical market, announced today that it is extending its leading-edge track and trace solutions to the Food and Beverage industry.


Like the pharmaceutical market, the Food and Beverage industry seeks innovative technologies to protect their consumers and brand reputations from contamination, adulteration, and fraud. 


rfxcel’s track and trace solutions offer farm to fork product visibility, providing unprecedented supply chain insights.


rfxcel’s complete end-to-end solution offers Food and Beverage Traceability, Serialization Processing, Ingredients Traceability, Finished Goods Traceability, Compliance Management, Blockchain Enabler, and Environmental Monitoring. rfxcel’s award-winning Environmental Monitoring tool helps to protect products from contamination and enables the quick identification of products for surgical recalls. 


rfxcel’s solutions implemented separately or in toto, provide valuable supply chain insights starting at harvest, ending with consumers, and all points in-between. rfxcel’s solutions give suppliers and retailers the ability to optimize their supply chains and keep the food in their supply chains safe; and enable the tracking of ingredients and raw materials through to finished goods, by lot or by item.


“It has never been easier for consumers to enjoy food from other countries or for retail chains to import foods to serve their customers. Moreover, while consumers enjoy choice, they’re equally committed to transparency, provenance, and authentication of the food they eat. Our solutions, and in particular our Environmental Monitoring solution, provide the critical components for companies to realize true track and trace, secure their supply chains, and deliver the transparency the consumer expects” said Todd Fabec, Sales Director, Food & Beverage, rfxcel.

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