CSIR-IITR transfers its Oneer to pvt firm


Scientists at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research’s Lucknow-based Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR) have developed a technology for disinfecting water that promises to provide safe and clean drinking water at a cost of just two paise per litre.


The technology is based on the principle of anodic oxidation. Raw water is passed through a chamber and disinfection occurs with the help of singlet oxygen species generated at the anode.


The CSIR- transferred its technology, named ’Oneer’(‘O’ for singlet oxygen species and `neer’ for water) to private firm ’Bluebird Water Purifiers.


The innovative technology eliminates disease-causing pathogens such as virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and cyst in water and makes it potable as per the prescribed national and international standards.


Speaking on the occasion, Science and Technology Minster Harsh Vardhan said the domestic model can provide 10 litres of water in just five minutes and one full charge of the battery. It is designed to last four cycles totalling 40 litres. The community model, at present, has a capacity of 450 litres per hour. It can be scaled up to one lakh litre per day and beyond.


 He added “The technology will be helpful for rural people as it can be solar-powered. This ’development is in line with the ’Make in India’ mission,”


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