ITC’s Fabelle launches Ruby Chocolate in India


Fabelle, the home-grown luxury chocolate brand from ITC, has launched its first-ever ruby chocolate in the form of Ruby Gianduja. 


Barry Callebaut, a globally leading manufacturer of application chocolates and cocoa products, is the partner of ITC Ltd. to source the exotic Ruby chocolate used to prepare Fabelle’s Ruby Gianduja. Ruby chocolates, created about 80 years after the launch of White chocolates, are the fourth type of chocolate besides Dark and Milk chocolate.


Ruby chocolate, with a unique berry taste, became a global sensation after it was launched in Shanghai, China and caught the admiration of chocolate connoisseurs worldwide. It is made from the ruby cocoa beans, which are found in Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast. Ruby chocolates were discovered and created 80 years after the launch of white chocolates as the third type of chocolate besides dark and milk chocolate. 

In a bid to maintain the chocolate’s exclusivity, Fabelle is launching Ruby Gianduja as a one-of-its-kind limited edition offering and has strategically timed the launch ahead of the Diwali festive season.


Gianduja is an Italian delicacy that dates back to the Napolean era. Fabelle’s Gianduja, its bestselling product range, is a recreation of this Italian delicacy crafted from rich milk chocolates infused with roasted Turkish hazelnuts. Given its popularity, Fabelle decided to launch Ruby Chocolate in the form Ruby Gianduja which is made from a delicate balance of Ruby Chocolate and Hazelnut paste.


Fabelle’s ruby chocolate with hazelnut paste has been handcrafted at ITC’s manufacturing factory in Bengaluru. About 12 candy-toned pieces come individually wrapped in ruby-colored tin boxes. The limited edition offering has been introduced to reinvent the Indian chocolate palette during this Diwali festive season. 

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