Protinex joins hands with InBody to promote muscle health


L-R- Kenneth Cha, MD, InBody India with Dr. Nandan Joshi, Head – Health & Nutrition Science, Danone India and  Dawson, CS Manager of InBody India


Danone with its mission ‘to bring health through food to as many people as possible’, has joined hands with InBody – a global leader in body composition analysis, to establish the relevance of right protein intake in maintaining good muscle health. Its flagship brand Protinex which is a leader in the protein category has been driving protein awareness among Indians with its new campaign on muscle health.


As a kick start to this association, Protinex in collaboration with InBody academia is organising the 1st InBody Academia on Body Composition analysis in Clinical Nutrition and Medical science on 2nd and 3rd November in Mumbai.  The event will focus on sharing medical pedagogy of the Body Composition and Utilization that includes the benefits of Body Composition Analysers in Nutrition for people from all walks of life, all age groups.


A recent InBody study reveals that 71% Indians have Poor Muscle Health, 68% have low Protein levels. A leading cause for this could be inadequate intake of protein. The regional data presents an even more alarming picture. Statistics indicate that Lucknow has the highest percentage of males and females having poor muscle mass, with 82% of males and 80% of females. On the other hand, Delhi has a lower percentage of people with poor muscle mass, with 64% of both males and females.


The results from the InBody study clearly suggest Indian adults have poor muscle mass. Diets deficient in protein could be one of the factors affecting poor muscle health. The present research acknowledges the importance of protein in daily diet and exercise to maintain good muscle health.


Commenting on this Himanshu Bakshi, Director- Marketing, Danone India said, “Food companies have a vital role to play in helping enable healthier lives and at Danone, we believe a food revolution has begun We strive to meet the needs of our consumers through health-focused product offerings responding to today’s and tomorrow’s food trends. Our association with InBody is yet another step in this direction and we truly believe that with our hero brand Protinex we will be able to value and drive the message of protein relevancy across age groups in India.”


“Presently, Danone is making concerted efforts to build the importance of Protein in muscle health. We truly believe that Muscle Health is a big health agenda that Indians need to focus on. Protinex recently launched its new campaign #ProtinexForMuscleHealth to establish the importance of protein for good muscle health among Indians.”, added Bakshi.


Kenneth Cha, MD, InBody India said, “At InBody, we strive to address health & nutrition issues based on in-depth research and factual data. According to our recent study, there is a pervasive problem of poor muscle health in India which needs to address. Our association with Protinex is a step in this direction as we work towards a common mission to build awareness about the importance of muscle health amongst Indians and find appropriate solutions. We believe that there is a need to forge such partnerships with industry as well as Govt to scale up awareness initiatives and create a tangible impact in alleviating the issue of poor muscle health in India.”


Sharing his views, Dr. Nandan Joshi Head – Nutrition Science & Medical Affairs, Danone said, “Protein is the most misunderstood nutrient with a lot of fallacies around it like it’s only for bodybuilders, or the belief that our daily diets have sufficient protein, and some people believe that Protein supplements are only for specific medical conditions. To compound the situation-not many people are aware about their daily Protein requirement. Similarly, Muscle health is often ignored since it is misunderstood as an area which is of relevance only to a sportsperson or a gym goer. Not many Indians know about its overall impact on health and wellness. Good muscle health is not only a key for an active lifestyle, but also for carrying out our daily physical activities to maintain a healthy life!”


Adequate intake of dietary proteins is vital to maintaining muscle mass as it ensures the provision of essential amino acids and stimulates protein synthesis. Dietary protein and/or specific amino acid ingestion largely increases muscle protein synthesis rates and inhibits protein breakdown, thus favouring net muscle protein deposition. The quantity of protein and the Essential Amino Acids are the most important stimuli for protein synthesis. Along with adequate protein intake, exercise also plays important role in stimulating muscle protein synthesis and good muscle health.


According to the study, 7 out of 10 people at the pan India level having poor muscle health is a matter of great concern and it is important to find out ways and means to address this issue. There is an urgent need to spread awareness about Muscle Health, role of adequate protein intake and exercise for a healthy life.


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