NABI to establish Agri-Food Bioincubator


Catalysing Agri-Food Biotechnology Innovations and
entrepreneurship for sustainable food and nutritional

Punjab based National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) has proposed to establish an Agri-Food Bio-incubator that will provide a translational ecosystem to scale up technological innovations and handhold entrepreneurs/start-ups.

The proposed incubator shall also partner with primary and secondary agriculture entities, and engage with farming communities, especially women and youth groups, all of this further enabling NABI to fulfil its vision. 

The core objectives of the Bio-incubator are-

  • To provide a translational ecosystem to scale up and commercialize innovative technologies developed by NABI.
  • To support innovations and promote entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture, food and nutrition by way of start-ups, innovators and farmers.
  • To provide a platform to engage with the public and private sector firms for further catalysing the refinement and upscaling of technologies.
  • To provide a platform for development of scientifically validated food products that enhances its marketability leading to creation of demand pull for the farmers produce and new markets for entrepreneurs.
  • To identify, develop and scale up innovative technology based solutions which strengthens the agriculture value chain in the region.

NABI is part of Secondary Agriculture/Food Processing Entrepreneurship Network (SAEN) in Punjab in collaboration with Panjab State Council for Science and Technology, Punjab Government, Centre of Innovative and applied Bioprocessing (CIAB) and Panjab University. This entrepreneurial network aims to act as a support system for start-ups in the secondary agriculture/food processing sector.

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