GPI increases food tray recyclability


Launches new line of PaperSeal™ trays

US based Graphic Packaging International (GPI) has announced the launch of a new line of PaperSeal™ trays, offering brands and retailers the opportunity to replace Modified Atmosphere (MAP) and Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) plastic trays with a new barrier-lined paperboard alternative.

The development of the innovative PaperSeal food tray solution aligns with the Company’s Vision 2025, leveraging its industry-leading sustainability profile to expand and improve packaging solutions for customers while reducing the impact on the environment.

The new PaperSeal tray solution utilizes 80-90% paperboard and 10-20% film, depending on tray dimensions. The paperboard is produced from renewable fiber sourced from sustainably-managed forests, and the tray is designed for the film liner to be easily separated from the paperboard after use, such that the paperboard portion of the tray can be recycled, contributing to a circular economy.

PaperSeal offers a unique reinforced flange design that generates a robust and consistent sealing surface, ensuring seal integrity equal to traditional plastic trays.

The hermetically-sealed tray is suitable for a wide range of applications including cheese, fresh or processed meat, ready-made products, frozen foods, snacks, salad and fruit. PaperSeal provides up to 28 days of shelf life depending on the application.

Developed in conjunction with G. Mondini, world leaders in tray sealing technology, PaperSeal has an innovative design that delivers significant line efficiencies for high-volume packaging and can be stacked flat for logistics and inventory, further reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain.

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