Pawan Agarwal moves to Consumer Affairs Department

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His place at FSSAI is being filled by GSG Ayyangar

Pawan Agarwal, CEO, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is joining as Secretary, Consumer Affairs Department, and stepping out of FSSAI. His place at FSSAI is being filled by GSG Ayyangar.

“Lot of work remains to be done. While all issues of food safety and nutrition in the country have not been addressed, there is now a correct diagnosis and a proper treatment regimen available to address all the safety issues in a comprehensive manner. While FSSAI does not have as much manpower as its peer public bodies abroad, FSSAI today has a highly talented and passionate team, capable of delivering ‘more with less’. FSSAI has changed many aspects of governance, dealing with businesses and consumer organizations, and earning their trust. Building a public institution like the food safety authority is not a sprint, it is like a marathon. At times we may appear slower than the others, but eventually we have to be ahead. To do that, FSSAI has built a solid culture of collaboration, inter-disciplinary approach, diversity, excellence, empathy, social consciousness, transparency, integrity, and long term vision over short term rewards”, said Agarwal.

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