iD Fresh launches new feature to ease lockdown stress

PC Musthafa, Co-Founder & CEO, iD Fresh Food

The Fresh Food Store Finder has ‘Notify Me’ feature that will provide SMS alerts when fresh stocks get refilled in your favourite store

How do we address the growing anxiety among people about the supply of essential food items? How do we stop people from panic buying? Given that India is under a 21-day lockdown to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen people hoarding and panic buying with the fear of products going off the shelf.

To address this issue while also ensuring that people stay home,  Bengaluru based startup iD Fresh Food has launched a unique ‘Store Finder’ feature on its website to empower customers with updated information on iD products available at the open stores near them and the exact quantity of fresh iD products supplied today. In fact, the Store Finder also has ‘Notify Me’ feature that will provide daily SMS alerts when fresh stocks get refilled at your neighbourhood open stores.

India’s largest fresh food brand is working hard  – ensuring that ready-to-cook fresh Indian food is easily available across key markets. And that the customers are well-informed about what to find where and when.

Commenting on the initiative, PC Musthafa, CEO and co-founder of iD Fresh Food, said, “Over the last week, customers have been complaining about grocery stores being shut and unavailability of products on e-grocery platforms. We have witnessed cases of panic buying. There’s so much uncertainty and worry…We want our customers to know that the team at iD is working hard and our products are available at stores, thanks to our well-knit distribution network. There’s no reason to panic and hoard food. Our technology will use data to empower customers who wish to know the details of iD products available at the open stores near them. We have a notification feature that will send you SMS alerts daily. Our effort is to ensure that people don’t need to get out of their homes unnecessarily, hunting for healthy food options anymore. Please stay home, stay safe, and eat healthy, fresh food.”

Musthafa, further added, “Our customers are a valued part of the iD family. Our products have been a staple in several households over the years. So, when our customers worry about what to feed their families, it’s our duty to step in with nourishing solutions. These are tough times, but we are committed to serving you healthy, fresh food. With over 30k retailers across 45 cities as part of our network, we are looking to extend the fresh stocks alert feature for fruits and vegetables supplied by other vendors too.”

“Each one of us needs to prioritise personal health and wellbeing to ensure that as a society we are well-equipped to win the fight against this pandemic. Let’s not ignore the importance of a healthy diet. For, there’s nothing more potent than fresh home-cooked food to energise the body, mind and soul. We’ll brave this challenge together,” Musthafa added.

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