Immunity health supplements market growing the Glutathione way

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Glutathione finds a strong ally in Vitamin C

Nutraceuticals or dietary supplements are primarily derived from food sources that are beneficial for our physiology and are amazing immunity boosters. The COVID era and the post COVID era, which I would like to say, would bring nutraceuticals right into the forefront. Health immunity is the buzz word, though currently much in use, we as Indians have always been used to it.

Either our grandmothers have pushed that “chyawanprash” down our throats or we have by default memory drank a piping hot “kada” – which is an admixture of herbs grown in our kitchen garden, as a remedy to our common cold. So by and large the preventive healthcare market in India has been extremely staggering, what with all the home made remedies incorporated.

The nutraceuticals market alone, is estimated to double its share to USD 18 bn in India by 2025. But when these figures were estimated by researchers, the pandemic of COVD19, of course, was not taken into consideration. The virus, in fact has increased the awareness of having a strong immunity manifold, not only among the classes, but also the masses!

It would be therefore easy to say that in the recent COVID scenario and in the post COVID era, when health immunity would be paramount, the preventive healthcare overall and consumption of health immunity supplements specifically, would be further triggered. I can safely say by another 10-15% to an already growing market?

The primary growth drivers, of preventive healthcare is also because of the rising cost of healthcare in India. Prevention is better than cure – as the adage goes. There is also rising awareness among the middle class and the upper middle class (whose incomes are at a rise) and therefore their willingness to invest in their health. A significant increase in the internet penetration has also helped nutraceuticals gain visibility. It was tipped that nearly 40% of the FMCG market would be driven through internet by 2022 and internet savvy consumers are therefore going to buy in their stocks from here.


Insights into the growth of Glutathione amidst COVID 19


The global Glutathione (expanding at a CAGR of 12%) is estimated to reach around USD 2.5 bn 2027. Glutathione is a wonder molecule having high potency of immunity booster properties and acts as a liver detox agent. Long-term human clinical trial data has proved that Glutathione is one of the primary protective molecules in the body. This protective molecule degenerates over the years, for many reasons including age, prescription & OTC medication intake, health conditions, lifestyle, diet, weight and even time of day, because of which the body’s stores of glutathione may be in short supply.

Therefore oral supplements of Glutathione (available in the market in unmissable effervescent tablets) is the best Glutathione supplementation at enhancing body stores of glutathione, and an effective intervention strategy to not only enhance body stores but also boost the body’s immune function.

Having said, Glutathione finds a strong ally in Vitamin C. This powerful vitamin is packed at 100 times higher concentration inside immune cells than that in blood and while these cells fight an infection, concentrations go still higher. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and it holds the front-line position.

Vitamin C also has proven efficacy for years to build super immunity. Amla extract effervescent tabs are the new and the most trending molecules which have been found to be highly effective to build immunity. Supplementing therefore Glutathione with Vitamin C – and you have a fighter duo in hand fighting immunity and boosting your chance to fight infections!

Economic analysts globally have predicted that the Asia-Pacific (China, India, South Korea and Japan specifically) would have more opportunities to recover from the losses than the rest of the world. The Indian Glutathione market alone is estimated to be at 5.5% from the proceeds of the cosmetics application market. And now with its prophylactic usage, it comes to fore that the consumption of Glutathione may only increase, if only there is more awareness of the same amongst all who don’t know.


Sushant Raorane, Co-founder-Director Adroit Biomed, Thane


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