Prinova partners with Agrumaria Reggina for distribution of essential oils

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In US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Asia and Asia Pacific

Leading Essential Oil supplier Prinova is teaming up with Agrumaria Reggina, one of the largest citrus-based Essential Oil and Juice manufacturers in Italy. 

The partnership will give Agrumaria expanded sales and marketing reach for their essential oil line to fulfill growing demand for “true-to-fruit” experiences in the Flavor and Fragrance, Food and Beverage, and Beauty and Homecare industries. 

The offering will consist primarily of essential oils derived from orange, lemon, blonde/blood orange, mandarin, clementine and bergamot.  

All fruits are sourced exclusively from Italy, a country well known for premium quality due to its rich history in citrus agriculture and limited intervention methods applied to the soil.  By applying their proprietary cold-press technology to these crops, Agrumaria looks to deliver on authentic organoleptic properties sought out by consumers.

Through their partnership with Prinova, Agrumaria will gain access to a global distribution network, expanding the reach of these offerings. 

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