What if you are tested COVID Positive!!

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I opted for a liquid only diet, with sweet lime juice and coconut water every 2 hours.

The biggest Fear and Panic in today’s environment is WHAT IF I get contracted with COVID19, as the pandemic is spreading without any end date, how can we avoid going out for work, or to meet friends to spend some quality time. One cannot just live indoors due to the fear of What IF!! Both of my daughters are in USA, my husband myself stay in a farm house “Shunyam” in Jodhpur known for its Natural environment, lively energy, organic farming, farm to table food parties. I keep myself busy with work, gardening or cooking with new and creating energy.

Few days back I had fever and was tested positive on the 4th day!

It took me few minutes to realize it and then, the First thing was that I fully accepted it. With this acceptance, every cell of my body got awakened and I felt totally alive with positive energy as if I got connected to existence. There was NO fear, NO regrets, NO panic, NO should have, which otherwise could have weakened me and taken away my energy, if I was not alert.

In full awareness, I started the process of my isolation, home quarantine. I have a good support system at home and every one was tested negative, even my husband. 

Immediately I selected my bedroom and put a table outside for the food to be served. Then chose the designated space for my movement, walk in the garden, a hammock, space for yoga, meditation and painting and a laptop beside medicines, steamer, pulse oximeter and a thermometer. I requested my staff at home to arrange one thermos of hot water with Lime and Tulsi, one jug of turmeric water for gargles, Kadha with herbs, hibiscus flowers, tulsi, cinnamon, jaifal, cloves for night time. I opted for a liquid only diet, with sweet lime juice and coconut water every 2 hours. 

I started my rituals of gargle, steam, sun bath. Suddenly it was such a surprise that I could not smell flowers! Living in timelessness, would take slow walks, do paintings, listen to Osho, and meditate. It was a totally different feeling, a feeling of infinity, no one is waiting for you nor anyone calling you, no one is coming to meet you and you have no-where to go!!

Well, I enjoyed this new, myself in the space of Timelessness.

Most interesting finding was to chant the Om mantra, the sound that could vibrate my lungs from inside where I felt congestion and I could feel the effect of healing. As Osho once said, we have 6000 holes for vent in our lungs, but we only use 2000 in regular breathing and 4000 remains closed. The deep and chaotic breathing helps open up the lungs to its full capacity to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon-dioxide.

I had realized, keeping up with holistic and natural lifestyle, meditation, regular yoga, walks, activities and nourishing healthy food, home grown natural veggies as part of regular lifestyle helps so much to build the immune system. This helps to sail out smoothly from any given situation.

I could handle myself and was glad my husband was still negative for COVID. But then not for long, and eventually Mr. Johari also got infected, even after keeping so much of precautions.

To me, life is an art and one must be creative about it. We should never let the situation around us impact our mental state and well-being. This way our life can be enriched with experiences, where ageing brings only wisdom.

The above situation has really given me a life time’s experience. A realization about this moment has to be this way only, there is no other way, so just ACCEPT it and deal with it. Then this universal intelligence works through you, cares for you.


Nisha Johari, MD, Johari Digital Healthcare, Jodhpur

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