FICCI webinar on perspectives on healthy snacking: Opportunities and future of snacking


It is being scheduled for 2nd December 2020 from 1200-1330 hrs.

FICCI under its Centre for Nutritional Excellence is organizing a series of webinars on “Future of Nutrition – Exploring the Health and Wellness benefits in the Food Ingredients ecosystem”. After successfully hosting four webinars as part of the series, we are now gearing up for the fifth webinar on ‘Perspectives on Healthy Snacking: Opportunities and Future of Snacking’ which is being scheduled for 2nd December 2020 from 1200-1330 hrs. 

The role of health and nutrition hold the utmost importance in the current scenario. Nutrition is intricately linked to immunity and to the risk & severity of infections. Food manufacturers and retailers have got major responsibility as well as a tremendous opportunity to lead healthy eating habits amongst consumers. Moreover, consumers are willing to shift towards sustainable, organic, and healthy foods. As per the Nielsen Global Health and Wellness report, it is analysed that the global population is more focused on the concerns hovering around overweight & obesity among them and adopting various modes to become healthy. Consumers have become more aware of what they eat.

On a global level, youngsters are most willing to purchase premium goods due to health attributes. As far as it goes, they are learning from the mistakes of the previous generation and are ready to change their habits towards healthier nutrition. The sustainability trend witnessed in retail and manufacturing spreads to the food industry as well. Looking towards the change in the consumer perception is providing an opportunity to the food processing industries to innovate the food products which are both nutritious and flavorsome.

Recognizing the subject, this webinar will help to explore and understand the innovation and R&D happening in the ingredients & food products space, emerging trends and opportunities and growing recognition for this new product category.

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