NuFFooDS Chief Editor Dr Milind Kokje honoured with World Nutrition Journalism Award

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Dr Kokje has been at the helm of NuFFooDS Spectrum since its inception in 2013

Dr Milind Kokje, Chief Editor, NuFFooDS Spectrum has been awarded the Innovation Leadership in Nutrition Journalism Award by Nutrify India. He has been at the helm of  NuFFooDS Spectrum, since its inception in 2013. Most of the top industry captains have been contributing to it and consider it as a credible media platform.

“Dr Kokje has been selected for shaping the Indian nutrition and food industry through a dedicated stream and providing the small to mid-sized companies the right exposure to expedite their commercialization in India,” said Amit Shrivastava, Chief catalyst of responsible nutrition business for Nutrify India the creator of Nutrify Today.

Besides NuFFooDS, Dr Milind Kokje has been leading the B2B integrated media platforms of the Media Division of MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications group – BioSpectrum India, BioSpectrum Asia, and AgroSpectrum.

A veteran journalist of over 40 years of experience, he has always tried to remain ahead of the pack in getting involved in new media. Starting his career in print journalism, he then moved to launch and head an online media platform for the Times Group in the early years of online journalism and then moved on to head a 24 hours news channel.

Besides journalistic assignments, he has been a visiting faculty at some of the best media academic institutions and universities. He has been involved in media advocacy training for the NGO sector and has been an active member of the Asia Media Forum. He had also been involved in several scholarly research studies in the media sector.

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