DSM India calls out to ’Boost Your ImmuniD’

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The campaign ‘Boost your ImmuniD’ is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of DSM India

Royal DSM, a global, purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, launched an exciting digital-led campaign in India conceptualised by Flying Cursor Interactive, underlining the need to boost Vitamin D level through proper nutrition

The campaign ‘Boost your ImmuniD’ is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of DSM India that addresses that 80% of Indians have insufficient levels of Vitamin D in their blood, and throws light upon the societal need for Vitamin D as a vital source for building immunity.

Vitamin D is mostly known for its functions on bone and muscle health and positive influence on immune function, supporting the body’s fight against pneumonia and influenza and various other infectious diseases.  Studies say there is a clear link between vitamin D and immune health.

Limited exposure to sunlight and a few food sources that contain Vitamin D are reasons why people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.  Despite being a sun-rich country, India is facing Vitamin D deficiency. Low levels of vitamin D lowers your immunity which may be associated with various health concerns including cancer, depression, muscle weakness, osteoporosis.

Speaking about the campaign, B. Rajagopal, President, DSM India said, “DSM’s ‘Boost Your ImmuniD’ campaign looks to educate Indians about the importance of Vitamin D. The film takes a humorous tone and shows people from different walks of life, reinforcing that while they might be very different outwardly, they can all be Vitamin D deficient deep inside.”

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