NuShakti unveils home food fortification products in Kerala


NuShakti products are formulated with essential vitamins and minerals

To address the nutritional gaps in Kerala, NuShakti – a brand designed to promote better nutrition for India – has announced the launch of a range of home food fortifiers in the state, with an aim to expand its reach across the country.

NuShakti products are formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional needs of urban and rural consumers who are in pursuit of better nutrition and healthier lifestyles.

Introduced in 2019 in Tamil Nadu, the NuShakti product range includes powermix for Rice (fortified rice kernels added to regular rice), powermix for Atta (fortifier for atta/flour that is mixed with regular atta) and MIXME (fortified powdered beverage mix available in three flavours).

The micronutrients present in these products help people have a healthier, diet without altering the taste, smell and appearance of daily foods or changing their dietary habits.

Speaking on the launch of NuShakti in Kerala, Amit Bose, Business Director, Project MANDI (Making a Nutritional Difference in India) – DSM India, said, “A balanced diet which includes essential vitamins and minerals is crucial for leading a healthy life, and for building immunity. NuShakti products are designed to offer immunity-building nutrients and can address nutrition gaps, thereby helping consumers who seek a healthier lifestyle.  since our launch in 2019, our aspirational, accessible and affordable products products have received an overwhelming response., we are confident that NuShakti will soon become an intrinsic part of people’s daily diets in Kerala, as well as India at large, enabling them to actively participate in the nation’s socio-economic development.”

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