Nestlé links fermentation with sensory properties for new coffee flavour


Smooth notes of candied cherry and pomegranate brought to the Nespresso La Cumplida Refinada coffee

The Nespresso limited edition La Cumplida Refinada coffee, produced in small coffee farms of the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua, is the first coffee to leverage the company’s scientific findings that link fermentation with sensory properties.

Through hundreds of fermentation trials, a multidisciplinary team of Nespresso coffee experts, Nestlé researchers and local farmers have been working side-by-side to identify and apply tailored fermentation conditions to the harvested coffee beans.

“We engaged in a deep scientific investigation into the microbial ecosystem involved in coffee fermentation and the range of flavor molecules in the coffee beans. This enables us to highlight the flavors that are being naturally produced during fermentation and that are maintained in the final cup”, says Cyril Moccand, the scientist at Nestlé Research who led the work.

“For the first time we were able to reveal a direct link between fermentation and the flavor attributes of a coffee brew. This knowledge can be leveraged to tailor specific fermentation conditions to different coffee varieties, allowing us to highlight new distinct natural flavors and sensorial notes and to consistently maintain their quality, while avoiding raw material loss due to uncontrolled fermentation”, added Cyril.

Mastering this on-farm post-harvest fermentation technique brings smooth notes of candied cherry and pomegranate to the Nespresso La Cumplida Refinada coffee.

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