Timios develops healthy, organic products for new and expecting mothers


The startup forays into maternity care products with the launch of ‘Mom-trients’

Bengaluru-based startup Timios has recently forayed into maternity care FMCG products with the launch of ‘Mom-trients’, a range of 100 per cent natural and organic packaged products for new and expecting mothers.

Under ‘Mom-trients’, Timios will offer a range of high nutrition and sugar free energy bars and energy drinks that provide the required pre and post pregnancy nutrition for both mother and the baby. 

In line with Timios’ philosophy to offer natural and healthy food products for babies and kids, this new range was conceptualized to focus exclusively on mother’s nutritional needs.

Through ‘Mom-trients’ Timios aims to take care of the health of the baby by providing required nutrition for an expecting and new mother.

Mom-trients are made with 100 per cent organic certified ingredients, carefully processed to retain maximum freshness, and curated with advanced formulae to ensure that it delivers balanced nutrition to both mother and the baby. 

Mom-trients Energy Bar and Drink Mix is made using an advanced phytonutrient(plant-based) formula to nourish both mother and the baby. Products with rich phytochemical ingredients help manage postpartum conditions like soreness, afterpains, incontinence, haemorrhoids, hormonal changes and weight gain. 


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