GEA engineers unique ghee processing separator for Amul Dairy

Image credit: GEA

The GEA team worked closely with Amul Dairy to develop a customised solution, taking time to thoroughly understand the nature of the entire process.

Continuing its tradition of customer-centric, innovative solutions, German firm GEA has engineered a unique Ghee processing separator for its customer Amul Dairy.

Amul Dairy has reduced fat losses by 85 per cent and increased Ghee production by 30 per cent with no additional investment in the already existing plant.

“GEA’s custom designed centrifuge has transformed our Ghee production,” says Amit Vyas, Managing Director of Amul Dairy. “After installing the GEA separator, we were able to dramatically reduce our fat losses – from 2 per cent down to 0.3 per cent in the serum part – while increasing Ghee production capacity by almost 30 per cent. We achieved our ROI in less than a year, with the added benefit of improved safety, hygiene and energy efficiency.”

GEA developed its groundbreaking serum Separator based on Amul Dairy’s requirements for the local market. With a capacity of 3,000 liters per hour, the separator allows Amul to bypass the conventional pre-stratification setup and scale up its production to generate an additional volume of 6 metric tons per day with no additional equipment or investment in the plant.

Amul Dairy’s new installation has reduced the load on its effluent treatment plant (ETP), resulting in large savings in overall power and fuel consumption and benefiting Amul Dairy’s sustainability initiatives. The GEA serum Separator also helps reduce the turnaround time of the production process.



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