Boheco launches plant-based ayurvedic formulation for muscle relief

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The product will be launched and available on BOHECO Life’s website.

Mumbai based BOHECO Life has launched its new Muscle Relief Oil. The product starts at a 50ML bottle (at Rs 649) and goes up to a 100ML bottle (priced at Rs 999).

The product will be launched and available on BOHECO Life’s website. It will also have its presence at its retail store in Bangalore and its online and offline marketplace partners PAN India, serving the length and width of the nation. 

Muscle Relief is a product for people who experience discomfort in their muscles daily or after activity and can be applied to the particular pain area every day. The product is a plant-based Ayurvedic formulation that begins to work on the muscles from the inside. It shows efficacy from prolonged usage as a preventative and curative measure to keep muscles healthy and free of pain and inflammation.
It contains added ingredients that have been researched and combined with full-spectrum cannabis leaf extract to provide an optimal solution for muscle pain and inflammation. This formulation is aimed towards muscle health, recuperation, and regeneration of strength. Cannabis Leaf Extract, Peppermint, and Camphor play a vital role in the success of this product given their specific purpose in providing instant relief. 
BOHECO Life’s Muscle Relief helps relieve muscle strains, is anti-inflammatory & analgesic, provides relief from backaches and muscle sprains and reduces muscle soreness and stiffness as well. 


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