Vedix brings age & dosha customised Ayurvedic oral detox


Vedix announces its entry into oral hygiene segment

Ayurveda Beauty tech brand Vedix, based out in Mumbai, has announced its entry into oral hygiene with the launch of oil pulling oils.

The range which consists of 3 SKUs is customised for Vedix customers depending on age and dosha profile.

Kapha is dominant in the young age, Pitta in the middle and Vata is dominant in the old age. Teeth health thus requires different dosha balancing herbs for maintenance of good health.

Oil pulling is a part of Ayurvedic Dinacharya- daily routine. Ayurveda recommends doing Gandusha/Kavala (oil pulling) daily before or after brushing. Oil pulling dissolves plaque more effectively than water-based mouthwash.

The Vedix oil pulling oils have a combination of sesame and coconut oil, which makes it palatable and very effective. The range of oil pulling oils are available on leading marketplaces Amazon, Flipkart, Purplle. Priced at Rs 799 for a 30 day regimen.

As per the Ministry of Ayush, “Oil pulling (gandusha) has been used to prevent decay, oral odour, gum bleeding, dryness of throat, cracked lips and for strengthening the teeth, gums and the jaw. It is a simple daily regimen, which when done routinely, enhances the senses, brings about a feeling of freshness and maintains clarity in the voice.”


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