Arjuna Natural focuses on immuno-modulatory effects of ashwagandha

Image credit: Arjuna Natural

Ashwagandha’s multiple benefits now have solid scientific support

Results from a new human study provide support for the immune health capacity attributed to Kerala-based Arjuna Natural branded high-potency ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) extract, Shoden.

While recent studies demonstrated strong support for ashwagandha’s traditional use in mitigating symptoms of anxiety and stress, and helping to support natural energy, this latest research focused on immunomodulatory effects of the plant.

According to the study, ashwagandha extract “Significantly improved the immune profile of healthy subjects by modulating the innate and adaptive immune systems.”

Benny Antony, PhD, Joint Managing Director, Arjuna Natural said, “Shoden is offered at a very low recommended dose. This opens immense opportunities for formulators who can utilize this potency in their formulations and product variants for better customer relief.”

Ashwagandha has been increasing in popularity, especially as more food and beverage companies incorporate it into products beyond supplements, such as soft drinks, botanical beverages, and energy shots.


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