Arbro Pharmaceuticals introduces Japan inspired Nutraceutical line

image credit- ningen

Ningen is a cosmetic initiative focused on extracting active components and nourishment from flower and fruits

New Delhi-based Arbro Pharmaceuticals has launched its cosmetic and nutraceutical line,, offering a range of products containing flower, fruit, and plant extracts.

Embracing the ancient Japanese standards for health & beauty, Ningen’s products incorporate the incredible healing and rejuvenating properties of flora like Chamomile, Petunia, Arnica, Gardenia, and more.

In addition to face, hair, and body products, Ningen also offers specialized nutraceutical capsules such as fish oil, almond oil, flaxseed oil.

Dr Neha S. Arora, Director at Arbro Pharmaceuticals said, “Our products are competitively priced and offer immensely positive benefits, evident from the widespread success and popularity they have earned in several of our markets, such as Kolkata, Odisha, and Uttar Pradesh. Our vision is to bring this range of scientifically developed and dermatologically tested products, which had been reserved only for niche luxury brands, to everyone at an affordable price.”

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