CUTS International critical on FSSAI’s move on trans-fat free logo

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Trans-fat free logo unnecessary, when all food business operators are legally bound: CUTS International

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recently asked the Food Business Operators (FBOs) to get the products tested for trans-fats and in case, the products contain no more than 0.2 g per 100mg of food, then they are advised to use the trans-fat free logo on the product label.


George Cheriyan, Director, CUTS International and a member of Food Authority (FSSAI), opined, “This requirement of trans-fat free logo sounds absurd at this juncture because already the mandatory regulation is there in place for all FBOs. As per the law, trans-fat is banned in all foods, oils and fats with effect from January 1, 2022, in India. It is folly to ask FBOs to display Trans-fat Free Logo/Label on any food product/oil. In fact now it is the responsibility of FSSAI and the State Food Safety Commissionerate to ensure 100 per cent compliance. By asking FBOs to display trans-fat free logo, FSSAI is accepting its failure in ensuing 100 per cent compliance.”


Recently, to ensure the level of compliance the FSSAI had instructed all Commissioners of Food Safety of States/UTs to carry out a 100 per cent inspection drive of all units that are licensed for manufacture/ processing of vegetable oils/fats and check for compliance with respect to limits of trans-fatty acids for food products as per the Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011. So instead of advocating for a trans-fat free logo among the industries, FSSAI should come out with its finding on compliance level and penalise those that have failed to meet the regulatory requirements.

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