EnginZyme and Tetra Pak to advance sustainable food & beverage production

Tetra Pak is working to integrate EnginZyme’s biotechnology directly into product or waste-stream lines, meaning the solution could be easily scaled

EnginZyme, a developer of cell-free biomanufacturing processes based in Sweden, has joined forces with the global processing and packaging company Tetra Pak to bring sustainable and economically sound solutions to the food and beverage industry. In this close and enduring collaboration, the companies are leveraging their respective strengths to find new ways to improve food and beverage production by, for example, turning food waste into valuable ingredients.

EnginZyme and Tetra Pak are developing cutting-edge processes using enzymes. These are naturally occurring, non-toxic biological molecules that have the potential to replace or improve upon energy-intensive chemical catalysts in food production. Enzymes can be unstable and unpredictable and thus difficult to control. But with EnginZyme’s patented, cell-free biomanufacturing platform, enzymes can be transformed into a solid heterogeneous material, making it easier to handle.

As a first project, Tetra Pak and EnginZyme are exploring transforming acid whey, a by-product from the manufacture of dairy foods like greek yoghurt or cream cheese, into valuable ingredients that can go into healthy food products.

Currently, acid whey must be disposed of carefully because it can damage ecosystems if too much of it goes into waterways. Tetra Pak and EnginZyme aim to demonstrate with acid whey the potential of enzyme technology to reduce waste streams and generate revenue from by-products. 

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