Namdhari’s Group steps into ready-to-cook segment

Launches Idly Dosa batter, Millet Dosa batter and Dry Chutney powder variants

The Namdhari’s Group has recently added new product offerings to its portfolio with the launch of two new varieties of ready-to-make batters and chutney powders.

The Group has launched two batter variants – Thoughtful Idly Dosa Batter and Thoughtful Millet Dosa Batter. These batters are prepared traditionally but using RO water and low sodium salt. The ingredients are stone ground, preserving the vital nutrient quality of the grains and giving it the rich characteristic taste.

To give a complete authentic dosa and idly eating experience, the company has also announced the introduction of two classic chutney powders – Thoughtful Coconut Chutney Powder and Thoughtful Red Chilli Chutney Powder.

Commenting on the launch, Gurmukh Roopra, CEO, Namdhari’s Group said, “We have been observing this space for a while now and have seen a steady rise in demand, especially during the lockdown and thereafter. Currently, we are focusing on Bengaluru, as we believe there is a huge market for wet batter here. Also, making these batters available through our subscription model and early morning delivery schedules will add to the delivery experience of our existing 10, 000 plus app users too. Soon, the company plans to scale operations and make these products available across Hyderabad and Mumbai too.’’

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