Celcius Logistics launches tech enabled cold chain solution for food security

Aims to connect various cold chain stakeholders and deploy tech-first solutions to reduce the massive in-transit wastage of perishables

Celcius Logistics, Mumbai-based cold-chain marketplace startup, has announced the launch of its smart last mile delivery platform that addresses and fixes the most pertinent pain points in India’s fragile cold supply chains.

The brand has also partnered with vehicle owners and automotive manufacturers to create a robust on ground network of reefer vehicles, that will be integrated with the smart platform which has been created with a unique Inventory Management System (IMS).

The company has already secured contracts for storage and distribution from clients like Zepto, Maersk, Jubilant Foodworks and others, and also handles distribution for Zomato, Rebel foods and a host of other Cloud kitchens and local businesses who get instant access to all the asset inventory via Celcius’s last mile delivery platform.

The tech enablement not only optimizes the last mile but also helps address issues of timely delivery and loss due to wastage, maximizing profitability for all parties and enhancing food security in the country. Celcius has launched its last mile services in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi NCR with plans to launch the same services to 11 more cities in the next 6 months. 

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