Australian-brand Swisse launches new nutritional supplements in India

Backed by science, these nutrition supplements aim to help people tackle issues such as stress, sleep, anxiety and hair loss

Swisse, Australia’s leading health, wellness and beauty nutrition brand owned by H&H Group, has introduced three new products – SwisseMe Melatonin Gummies, Biotin Gummies and Plant Protein Powder, in India. This comes on the heels of the success of Swisse Wellness supplements launched in India two years ago. The new range of SwisseMe health supplements provides Indian consumers with well-researched products in innovative and convenient form factors made with natural ingredients and scientifically proven formulations that enhance their lifestyles.
Melatonin, as an ingredient, is known to promote restful sleep and to help relax the mind and body. SwisseMe Melatonin Gummies are formulated to regulate the sleep cycle without becoming dependent on the product.

In addition to mood swings, irregular sleep schedules and anxiety can cause severe hair loss. SwisseMe Biotin Gummies help control hair fall and promote growth of lustrous hair. Biotin, in fact, promotes healthy skin and nail repair. Its deficiency can result in hair thinning, skin problems, brittle nails, low energy levels, and a compromised immune system.

SwisseMe plant-based protein which contains 24g protein per serving helps aid the daily protein requirement. A blend of pea, brown rice and essential nutrients with a complete amino profile, it is an ideal pre- or post-workout supplement. Moreover, it is vegan, lactose-free, and artificial-ingredients-free, and is made with herbal extracts and digestive enzymes, which facilitate digestion and absorption without causing bloating or discomfort.

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