Coca-Cola unveils first-ever global meals experience platform in India

The new global platform has been designed to celebrate food and inspire social connections across the globe

The Coca-Cola Company has announced the launch of its first-ever global meals experience platform ‘Coke is Cooking’. The launch marks the beginning of a long-lasting asset, designed to celebrate and encourage the passion for food in each city across the globe. It is an extension of Coca-Cola’s global brand platform – Real Magic.

The platform has first been launched in India, with Kolkata being the first city across the world to experience the magic of ‘Kolkata is Cooking’. The platform will further be scaled globally, and Coca-Cola aims to host ‘Coke is Cooking’ festivals in one city in the world every week of the year in 2024.

Coca-Cola India culminated its first festival in Kolkata’s Eco Park on 24th & 25th of September, which celebrated the culinary wonders that the city has to offer.

The festival was infused with a diverse inclusion of food stalls from iconic Kolkata-based restaurants including Mitra Café, Arsalan, 6 Ballygunge Place, Aminia, and over 40 more renowned names.

In the coming months, the platform will be taken to cities across Vietnam, Africa, and beyond.

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