Guerison introduces herbal immunity pill

An immunity booster made from premium raw materials

Mumbai-based firm Guerison has announced the launch of “Gueriherb”- an immunity pill. Gueriherb is 100% herbal, an immunity booster made from premium raw materials and has no side effects. This unique ayurveda research product has positive effects that develop gradually over time.

The immunity pills are made up of natural ingredients such as ashwagandha, black til, saffron etc. The product is beneficial in boosting immunity, anorexia, fatigue, general weakness, depressed libido, chronic illness & malnutrition

The company’s manufacturing facility is fully compliant with top-notch technology and has obtained accreditation from the WHO-GMP and ISO, as well as several other countries across the world.

Guerison provides a range of allopathic medicines, including OPD and OT items, antioxidant multivitamin tablets, dry eye supplements, and a complete range of eye drops to treat various corneal and retinal problems.

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