Vestige introduces mineral supplement drop

To help the body fulfil its mineral needs while helping in cellular nourishment

Vestige Marketing has announced the launch of Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD), under its brand, Vestige Prime. The first-of-its-kind product in India, CMD is an all-natural sea mineral supplement, which consists of the mineral extracts sourced from The Great Salt Lake of UTAH, a major producer of minerals.

It is a revolutionary health supplement, which is extracted from The Great Salt Lake, Utah and goes through a 2-year evaporation process. Minerals are essential nutrients that play a crucial role in many bodily functions, including building strong bones, maintaining healthy skin and hair, regulating blood pressure, and supporting a healthy immune system.

New Delhi-based Vestige has made it easier for people to keep their mineral levels in check with the new Vestige Prime Concentrated Mineral Drops. The minerals in CMD are highly bioavailable which enables faster absorption. Adding CMD to water may increase the mineral content of the water and can increase the pH of water by providing alkaline minerals. it becomes less acidic and may even promote the growth and activation of good bacteria in the stomach.

CMD is a highly hydrating mineral supplement drop, to maintain optimal mineral levels in the body, it is recommended to mix seven drops of CMD with one litre of water, and consume three times a day. This product has been certified by the American Vegetarian Association, Gluten Free, Halal Certified Services, Kosher Certified, NSF, and GRAS.

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