Tata Consumer Products enters Kashmiri saffron category

This launch is in line with the company’s focus on expanding into new categories with differentiated products with strong quality credentials

Tata Consumer Products (TCP) announced its entry into the premium Kashmiri saffron category under its provenance brand – Himalayan.  With the launch of Grade 1, 100% pure Kashmiri saffron, the brand Himalayan is extending its existing product portfolio comprising of Natural Mineral water, Honey, and Fruit Spreads into this new category. Himalayan is directly sourcing the Grade 1 Kashmiri saffron from the valleys of Kashmir.

The superiority of Kashmiri saffron lies in it widely being recognized as one of the best in the world. It surpasses saffron sourced from other regions like Iran which is a major exporter to India in terms of its high concentration of key compounds crocin, safranal, and picrocrocine giving it a deep red color and distinct aroma. Kashmiri Saffron has a crocin content of 8.72% vs Iranian Saffron has 6.82% as per Quality Control Lab, Directorate of Agriculture, J&K making it more beneficial for consumers’ well-being. 

Commenting on the launch, Vikram Grover, MD NourishCo Beverages Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products, said, “Trust is paramount in the saffron category, and we firmly believe that Himalayan’s heritage and commitment to quality make it the ideal choice for consumers. Furthermore, our unique QR code-enabled experience, allows us to offer our consumers an unparalleled Himalayan experience and unmatched trust assurance.”

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