Bühler India launches 2 ‘Made in India’ products

Products are- Arenit Plansifter & Norit Purifier

Bühler India, has launched first-ever ‘Made in India products’- Arenit Plansifter & Norit Purifier at its Bangalore facility.

The company noted that the Arenit plansifter MPAV/W sifts and sorts grist and flour in wheat, rye, corn and durum mills. It has a high sifting throughput, sturdy frame and choice of wooden or synthetic sieve stacks. It also accurately classifies floury and granular products.

The Norit purifier is applied for purifying and grading semolina and middlings in wheat, durum and corn mills. Its high separation efficiency makes for an ideal product distribution and thus highest yields of white flour or semolina.

“With these new solutions produced in India, customers will benefit in multiple ways: shorter delivery times, increased supply chain efficiency, and an improved CO2e footprint for their equipment,” said Johannes Wick, CEO Grains & Food at Bühler Group.

Besides, Bühler is taking its business in India to the next level by expanding the range of products it manufactures to include equipment for the country’s growing milling industry. Prashant Gokhale, Managing Director, Bühler India, said “The company has already started the production of its Square Plansifter Areniter MPAV, a key component in the flour production process that sifts and sorts grist and flour in wheat, rye, maize, and durum mills.”

He furher said “Other core machines such as purifiers and roller mills are also in the pipeline and scheduled to be available to customers in 2024. Bühler India will continue to expand its core product portfolios going forward to include the feed and advanced materials industries.

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