Reshaping Indian Sports Nutrition Landscape by Key Stakeholders

Sudeshna Saha, the Regional Manager at Myprotein India

The dynamic landscape of India’s sports nutrition market demands a forward-looking strategy, and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) holds a key role in charting this path for the next decade. 

In this endeavour, fostering collaborations with industry leaders emerges as a strategic imperative with far-reaching benefits for the industry and participants. Such partnerships with government bodies offer an avenue for innovation, aligning sports nutrition products with the evolving preferences of health enthusiasts. 

As the market continues to grow, the innovative factor of product offerings will be key in growing the market and building leadership. The investment in research & development will dictate the speed and scope the industry is able to grow and the consumers it is organically able to service through this growth. As we continue to build on our understanding about the various consumer segments, innovation will play a factor in terms of choices and requirements from the end consumer. For example, vegan categories for vegan dietary preferences, lactose-free clear whey for lactose intolerances as well as meeting protein needs via light refreshing protein juices for busy working professionals. The requirement of the consumer will be a key factor in dictating both product development and success.

Through the fusion of FSSAI’s research prowess and industry acumen and know-how of leading nutrition players in India, these collaborations between both parties ensure products of the highest standards of safety and quality while ensuring products that push the boundary of sports nutrition. The collaborative venture will bolster the credibility of novel products, substantiated by FSSAI’s research-backed approach, thereby resonating profoundly with the conscientious consumers. 

Additionally, by active dialogue and aligning to create a shared vision of creating a health movement in India, the industry as a whole will be able to actively influence and enable Indians to achieve their nutrition and fitness goals across a variety of segments.

As non-protein sports nutrition categories like RTDs, energy gels, and bars for runners and athletes continue to grow with key global leaders amping their presence in the country, the collaboration to set up an expert panel of influencers and nutritionists will be a move in the right direction for corroborating global research studies and turning them to local adapts that benefit the consumer.

Finally, the synergy developed through collaboration between stakeholders of the industry will also play a tremendous factor in expediting the journey from concept to market, ensuring quality comfort across the supply chain for safer and more effective products.

By extending the collaboration beyond regulations and embodying a symbiotic knowledge exchange, the enrichment of both FSSAI and brands like Myprotein with insights into emerging trends and scientific breakthroughs will lead the industry in the coming years. As India strides toward a healthier future, the amalgamation of FSSAI’s strategic priorities and collaborations with pioneering brands like Myprotein promises to reshape the sports nutrition sector, steering it toward innovation, excellence, and consumer-centricity.

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