Consumers willing to switch to brands that offer better shelf life – Kerry

98% of those surveyed were actively trying to minimise food waste

Recent study conducted by Kerry, a global leader in taste and nutrition, reveals that one third of consumers are willing to switch to brands or products that offer better shelf life.

This openness to change is being driven by consumers’ strong desire to act on food waste – a massive 98 per cent of those surveyed were actively trying to minimise food waste, driven by various factors such as financial concerns, environmental considerations, and mindfulness of world hunger.

Among consumers surveyed in Thailand, 52 per cent say they buy only what they need in an effort to reduce food waste. In South Africa, as many as 91 per cent were concerned with food waste, with concern increasing at a higher rate than other countries globally over the past two years.

Meanwhile, 69 per cent of consumers expressed an inclination to purchase products formulated to reduce food waste. This represents a significant opportunity for the food industry to innovate and create products that meet evolving consumer expectations.

The study, which involved 5,154 consumers across 10 countries, including Thailand, Australia and South Africa, found that 72 per cent of respondents believe that extending the shelf life of a product would help them reduce waste. Additionally, 74 per cent of consumers consider preservatives to be important when making food purchases.

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