REFCOLD India 2023 set to showcase India’s prowess in refrigeration and cold chain industry 

The show, a collaboration between ISHRAE and Informa Markets in India, to host over 200 exhibitors, along with 15,000 visitors and innovators

REFCOLD India 2023, South Asia’s premier refrigeration & cold-chain exhibition and conference is slated to take place from 12th-14th Oct 2023 at the Chennai Trade Centre which is an initiative by ISHRAE (The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and Informa Markets in India. This marks the event’s first experience in Chennai, catering to the southern market for Refrigeration and Cold Chain Equipment. The collaboration encompasses the presentation of cutting-edge technological solutions, forging new partnerships and unlocking business opportunities.

REFCOLD India 2023, is poised to host over 200 exhibitors, along with more than 10,000 visitors and innovators from retail, pharma, seafood, milk and dairy products, fruits & vegetables, frozen foods, food service, processing, production, distribution, logistics, and transportation Industries. The Exhibition serves as a platform for the international community to engage with key players in India’s refrigeration and cold chain industries. REFCOLD India caters to a wide spectrum of needs, including Cold Storage Equipment; Mobile Refrigeration Equipment; Retail Refrigeration Equipment; Food & Beverage Refrigeration Equipment; Process Chilling Equipment; Cold Chain Logistics, and Medical Refrigeration Equipment.

The expo’s inauguration will take place at 10 am on 12th October 2023. Notable exhibitors include renowned companies like BlueStar, Daikin, Rinac, Yaskawa, Danfoss, Copeland and Tecumseh among others. It has received support from prestigious associations such as IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration), NCCD (National Centre for Cold-chain Development) and MOFPI (Ministry of Food Processing Industries) amongst other key international & national associations.

On ISHRAE’s initiative to conduct REFCOLD, Raja M Sriraam, Chairman explains, “In tropical countries like India, where temperature significantly contributes to food spoilage, the challenges are immense. Approximately 13 per cent of food is lost due to inadequate refrigeration at the harvest point, and this figure rises to 23 per cent by the time the product reaches consumers. In contrast, regions like Europe have better refrigeration infrastructure. However, there’s a critical lack of awareness about the importance of refrigeration in tropical countries like India. To address this issue and mitigate potential food losses, we have launched the REFCOLD initiative.”

“Considering the need for the Refrigeration requirement, the Indian cold chain market is expected to more than double from Rs. 1.28 lakh crore in 2022 to Rs. 2.86 lakh crore in 2027, a CAGR of 14.3%, offering immense growth opportunities for the industry. The Government’s active promotion of cold chain infrastructure also gives an opportunity to increase the farmers’ income while boosting the country’s Economy. Making India as topmost producer of Milk with cold chain infrastructure is one such example. This mission aligns perfectly with the exhibition’s theme of “PRESERVE THROUGH INNOVATION FOR A BETTER FUTURE”, he further added.

Offering an industry perspective, Yogesh Thakkar, President, ISHRAE said, “The Indian cooling market is on an upward trajectory, with an anticipated increase of INR 6400 crores up to 2025 in revenue. This growth is not only a testament to the market’s potential but also highlights its role as a hub for international engagement with India’s refrigeration and cold chain sectors. REFCOLD India acts as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, propelling the industry forward, so as to enhance the efficiency and sustainability that the sector aims to focus on, from advanced cryogenic cooling technologies and smart refrigeration systems to sustainable cooling solutions.”

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