Export of oil meals, fruits & vegetables register handsome growth in April-November


APEDA witnesses 16 per cent growth in basmati rice exports

The export of agricultural products Oil Meals, Fruits and vegetables registered handsome growth in April-November 2023 marking 34.33 per cent and 15.10 per cent growth respectively. Some other categories which witnessed notable performance are Tobacco (10.44 per cent), Oil Seeds (9.56 per cent), Cereals Preparations and miscellaneous Processed Items (6.27 per cent) and Meat, Dairy and poultry Products (6.31 per cent). The majority of Agricultural Products have registered a growth in exports during this period.

At a disaggregated level of Principal Commodities, the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has witnessed a growth in the exports of Basmati rice by 16 per cent. As per the RCAC data for Basmati Rice, Exports have increased by 20 per cent from April till December 8, corresponding to the same period last year. APEDA has contributed significantly to increasing the exports of Parboiled Rice which gets recorded at a disaggregated level of 8-digit & has seen a significant growth in exports by 21.54 per cent in the period Apr-Sep 2023 from the corresponding period last year.

Notable increases include fruits & vegetables by 15.10 per cent in the period Apr-Oct corresponding to the same period last year, in terms of USD value. Some of the major fresh fruits that have contributed significantly to this growth include Grapes, bananas, pomegranates etc. India now supplies fresh fruits to 111 countries, a notable increase from the 102 destinations served in the same period last year.

India’s export of poultry products soared by 41 per cent and expanded from 43 to 50 destinations during the current period. Significant increases in exports to leading countries, including 61.61 per cent in Oman, 112.0 per cent in Japan, 32.10 per cent in Maldives, 20.44 per cent in Indonesia, 94.17 per cent in UAE, 74.14 per cent in Qatar, and 9.95 per cent in Vietnam. Supporting Sri Lanka in the economic crisis, India supplied eggs contributing to augmentation in the export of poultry products.

India’s export of groundnuts marched ahead by 41 per cent in the current period with a tremendous increase in export destinations from 50 to 65 countries. Export of buffalo meat has increased by 11.3 per cent, sheep/goat meat by 10 per cent, Cocoa products by 18.13 per cent and alcoholic beverages by 21.7 per cent in the current period Apr-Oct 2023 from the corresponding last period.

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