Vitafoods India 2024 showcases innovation zone and global trends zone

Industry experts lead Panel Discussions on topics including Gut Health Well-Being, Nutrition for Women across all life stages, and Emerging Trends in Sports Nutrition, among others

Vitafoods India 2024 showcased an Innovation Zone and a Global Trends Zone by Mintel, providing participants with valuable perspectives on the latest international industry trends. Day 1 witnessed discussions on the new guidelines introduced by FSSAI, shedding light on their impact on the manufacturing, labelling, and distribution of nutraceuticals in the Indian market. Safety assessments were also a key topic, with a focus on the requirements for conducting pre-market safety studies and the challenges that nutraceutical companies might encounter in adhering to the updated regulations. Panel discussions tackled essential themes, including “Gut Health for Overall Well-being,” “Women Nutrition across all Life Stages and the Need for Personalised Nutrition,” and “Navigating the U.S. Market,” providing attendees with comprehensive insights into consumer preferences and regulatory requirements.

Sports Nutrition, Women’s Leadership, and Plant-Based Trends

Day 2 will showcase further engaging sessions, including a Fireside Chat featuring celebrity speaker Luke Coutinho, Holistic Nutrition & Integrative Lifestyle Practitioner, and Avartan Bokil, Founder and Director of Food Strong. The discussion will delve into the latest innovations and emerging trends in Sports Nutrition, with a focus on new formulations and delivery systems reshaping athlete nutrition and personalised supplements’ impact on performance. Additionally, Day 2 will feature a Power Breakfast in collaboration with Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN), championing change and empowering women in nutraceutical leadership. A Plant-Based Panel Discussion, in association with the Plant-Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA), will also take place, exploring the growing trend of plant-based nutrition and its implications for the industry.

The Indian nutraceuticals market:

The Indian nutraceutical market is experiencing rapid growth driven by factors such as increasing health consciousness, rising disposable incomes, and a shift towards natural and preventive healthcare solutions. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for immune-boosting products and dietary supplements has surged. India’s rich biodiversity and traditional medicinal knowledge offer a unique advantage, fostering research and development opportunities. With cost-effective manufacturing capabilities and growing expertise in export-oriented businesses, India is poised to emerge as a significant player in the global nutraceutical market. Projected to maintain a robust annual growth rate, the Indian nutraceutical industry presents promising opportunities for domestic and international stakeholders, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes and sustainable economic growth. With the Indian dietary supplements market valued at $4 billion in 2020 and projected to reach $10 billion by 2026, reflecting a remarkable 22 per cent year-on-year growth rate, Vitafoods India highlights the immense potential and opportunities within the industry.

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