HADSA Annual Conference 2024 successfully concludes in Mumbai

Nutraceutical industry experts delve into innovations and regulatory insights

The Health Foods And Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA) achieved a milestone with
the successful organization of the HADSA Annual Conference 2024 in Mumbai drawing the participation of over 250 professionals from the nutraceutical industry. The conference provided a comprehensive exploration of the latest advancements in the nutraceutical sector, with a particular focus on innovation as the catalyst for growth. The conference revolved around the theme “Advances in Nutraceuticals: Innovation as the Next Growth Stimulator.”

Nutraceuticals have evolved into a cornerstone for promoting health and wellness, a sentiment
emphasized by esteemed speakers and thought leaders who shared insights on the latest
developments in the field. Press conference attendees gained valuable insights into the progress
within the nutraceutical and dietary supplements space. The sessions facilitated knowledge
exchange and networking opportunities.

Dr. Ghanshyam Patel, CEO of Green Medic Solutions, initiated the sessions by delving into the
intersection of Ayurveda and Nutraceuticals, envisioning the future of dietary supplements.
Another noteworthy session, “Nutraceutical: 360-Degree Overview,” moderated by Arun Om
Lal, President of Hexagon Nutrition, featured experts Sherly Salis (Founder, Nurture Health
Solutions), Dr. N Ramasubramanian (Director, V R Foodtech), Naaznin Husein (Founder,
Freedom Wellness Management), and Shillpa Telang (Consultant). The panel discussed
HADSA’s initiatives to enhance the nutraceutical industry and explore novel approaches to
make the sector more appealing.

Daniela Tabak, CEO of Zalika Farmaceutica, offered participants insights into the panorama of
Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements in Brazil, adding a global perspective to the
conference’s rich discussions.

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