Slurrp’s Grand Biryani Celebration delights Delhi foodies and home chefs

The festivities unfolded with captivating cooking demonstrations by India’s celebrity chefs

Food enthusiasts and culinary aficionados from all over India gathered at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi to take part in Slurrp’s Grand Biryani Celebration. This event, powered by Daawat and co-sponsored by Zappfresh and Goldiee, with Glen as a gifting partner, was an extravagant celebration of India’s rich culinary heritage and its love affair with biryani. The festivities showcased a remarkable display of culinary prowess, featuring traditional recipes as well as innovative recreations, and highlighted the diversity of biryani across different regions of India.

The festivities unfolded with captivating cooking demonstrations by India’s celebrity chefs such as Kunal Kapur, Harpal Singh Sokhi, Nishant Choubey, Manzilat Fatima, and Abida Rasheed, each sharing their unique insights and techniques. Attendees were treated to an immersive culinary experience, exploring the nuances of biryani and kebab preparation under the expert guidance of celebrity and regional chefs. The event also witnessed two thrilling cook-offs, where top home chefs showcased their skills and vied for coveted prizes.

India’s infatuation with biryani, a quintessential one-pot rice dish, knows no bounds. Avinash Mudaliar, CEO and Co-founder of said, “Biryani holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. From the fragrant biryanis of the North to the spicy variations of the South, and the subtle blends in the East and West, each region boasts its unique rendition of this culinary gem. It’s incredible to witness how this beloved dish unites people, surpassing geographical and cultural divides.”

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