Starbucks introduces first greener store in India

Greener Stores from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam were also shortlisted as finalists

Starbucks announces the first certified Greener Store in India, located in Ayali Kalan in Punjab, as the Greener Store of the Year in Asia Pacific. The global Greener Stores of the Year program awards one store in each of the six regions to celebrate stores exceeding in innovation and environmental impact. In Asia Pacific, the Ayali Kalan store was identified from a shortlist of finalists including Greener Stores from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam markets.

The Ayali Kalan Greener Store features an electrical vehicle (EV) charging station, and a rainwater harvesting system to support water conservation, and distributes its used coffee grounds to be used as fertilizer in surrounding developments. In addition to using energy and water-efficient equipment, the building is constructed using local clay bricks, advanced insulation, abundant glazing for natural daylight, and large roof overhangs with a high solar reflectance index to minimise heat gain. The store also has interactive displays raising awareness about climate change and inspiring others to embrace eco-friendly choices in their lives.

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