Technologically integrated nutritional solutions are expected to grow at a robust 25% annually in India

Mihir Gadani, Co-Founder, OZiva

Numerous lifestyle disorders, including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular issues, and others, are becoming more common due to factors like altered eating habits, decreased physical activity, and an increase in sedentary lifestyles. Additionally, rising levels of awareness have increased consumer knowledge of their dietary needs. Customers are realising the value of health supplements to close the nutritional gaps left by their regular diets, as they are no longer able to meet their needs. NUFFOODS Spectrum spoke to Mihir Gadani, Co-Founder, OZiva about the trends in health supplements and challenges in the market. Edited excerpts;

What are the trends driving the Indian health supplements market in FY2024?

Also, could you elaborate on the future trends? There are various trends already driving the Indian health supplements market, and some of them will continue to trend in FY2024 as well. With 65 per cent of Indian consumers showing increased health awareness, there’s a notable shift towards dietary supplements. The demand for vitamins and minerals is projected to rise by 40 per cent, fueled by diverse nutritional challenges. Digital media’s influence is significant, with a 60 per cent increase in online sales of supplements. India’s robust digital landscape, with over 560 million internet users, plays a pivotal role in educating consumers about health and driving online purchases, witnessing a 30 per

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