Creamline Dairy launches Godrej My Farm fresh milk

Also launches the milk report, tracking consumer’s milk consumption patterns

Creamline Dairy Products Limited (CDPL), a subsidiary of India’s largest and diversified agribusiness, Godrej Agrovet Limited (GAVL), today announced the launch of Godrej My Farm Milk, a premium milk straight from Godrej’s farm to consumers’ doorsteps. With Godrej My Farm Milk being directly sourced from Godrej’s farm, pasteurised, and packaged using cutting-edge technology, it ensures that milk is fresh with its natural flavour and nutritional value intact. To be available only in Hyderabad, the entire process from milking to the product reaching the consumer is automated, thereby making Godrej My Farm a zero human touch milk with a single point fully controlled supply chain starting from feed to breed.

Today, Indian consumers are very conscious of their health and strive to choose the best for themselves and their families. The same was also resonated in the findings of the Milk Report titled ‘Bottoms Up…India Says Cheers to Milk’, with 1 out of every 2 consumers considering hygienic sourcing, processing, and packaging in addition to the assurance of no adulteration while purchasing the milk.

The milk report launched on the sidelines further highlighted that 55 per cent of consumers associate unhygienic milk with unbranded milk options. Additionally, with 90 per cent of consumers willing to pay more or a premium for high-quality and safe milk, the report reiterated the growing demand for pure and safe dairy products among consumers.

Priced at INR 50 for 500 ML, Godrej My Farm is currently available across 70+ modern trade stores and also on leading quick-commerce channels like Zepto, MilkBasket, BB Daily, and FTH Daily. The company aims to be present across 500+ modern trade stores in the city of Hyderabad by year-end.

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