Crius Life Sciences unveils India’s first oil-infused gummies

The oil-infused gummies are rapidly transforming the nutraceutical landscape across the world

Crius Life Sciences, a leading name in the nutraceutical industry, announced the launch of its revolutionary oil-infused gummies. This innovative product sets a new standard in the market, offering a superior alternative to traditional softgels.

The oil-infused gummies are rapidly transforming the nutraceutical landscape across the world. Combining health benefits with consumer-friendly formats, this innovative product is set to redefine how supplements are consumed globally.

“Crius Life Sciences is at the forefront of this revolution”, Subbarao Chinni, Founder and Managing Director of Crius Group, said, adding: “We are proud to introduce our advanced oil-infused gummies technology, which integrates up to 500mg of oil into each gummy. This innovation is a unique and highly effective consumer-friendly format for delivering active nutraceuticals.”Industry analysts forecast a substantial increase in the global nutraceutical gummies market size.

 “The growth of these convenient and enjoyable supplements is driven by advancements in formulation and delivery technologies,” said Subbarao Chinni.  He further asserted that nutraceutical gummies would play a pivotal role in delivering health and wellness in the coming decade.

Crius Group, a leader in contract development and manufacturing for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, has leveraged its extensive expertise to develop these cutting-edge gummies. The company is committed to quality and innovation, and it is evident in its compliance with EU GMP standards.

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