LSI Seminar deliberates ICMR dietary guidelines for Indians

The draft guidelines address the use of supplements and different oils in regular diets, promoting overall health and well-being

The Lifeness Science Institute (LSI) recently hosted a seminar to deliberate upon the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Dietary Guidelines 2024. These guidelines, aimed at fulfilling nutrient requirements and combating non-communicable diseases, mark the first revision in 13 years.

The key highlights of the event were 17 Guidelines for Healthy Diet: The guidelines are issued for various age groups and emphasise the importance of physical activity, nutrient intake, dietary diversity and choices. Each chapter provides detailed insights and practical examples.  The draft guidelines address the use of supplements and different oils in regular diets, promoting overall health and well-being.

Esteemed experts, Dr. B. Sesikeran (Former Director, NIN), and Dr Sudershan Rao (Chairman, Scientific Panel on Food Additives at FSSAI), shared scientific perspectives on EAR, RDA, and food additives and rationalised the guidelines.

Dr Subhaprada Nishtala, Vice President of AFSTI discussed industry perspectives, with special emphasis on processed foods and the industry’s perspectives towards the guidelines. Gauri Murthy, a renowned Wellness & Sports Nutrition Specialist from Mumbai, deliberated on guidelines on protein and protein supplement consumption supported by scientific evidence.

The event concluded with a panel discussion addressing participant queries about the applicability of dietary guidelines across India.

In summary, the seminar was a resounding success, emphasizing the importance of a role of dietary guidelines in promoting health. During the event, the brochure of the upcoming international conference ‘VishwaSwasthyam – 2025’ was unveiled by Dr B. Sesikeran and Gopal Sharma (Director, LSI), and the conference chair. The conference will be organised on the 10th & 11th of January, 2025 in Mumbai on the theme “Metabolic Health: Protect the Present and Safeguard the Future”.

 Lifeness Science Institute (LSI) stands as a beacon in nutrition and dietetics education, pioneering programs that merge the latest scientific research with actionable health practices. Under the guidance of Gopal Sharma, esteemed Director, LSI is a powerhouse of knowledge and innovation. His fervent commitment to wellness transcends personal ambition, embodying a professional mission to harmonize industry standards with academic excellence. The curriculum, crafted alongside top-tier industry experts, imparts a profound comprehension of integrative nutrition, empowering students to enact meaningful change through enlightened dietary choices and comprehensive wellness methodologies.

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