China’s infant milk powder won the gold medal for the fourth time

won gold medal

The annual “Monde Selection” ceremony known as the Nobel Prize of the food industry was held in Valencia, on May 24 (local time). This year, the high-end infant milk powder product of Feihe, AstroBaby, won the Gold Quality Award.


According to the report, it was Feihe’s fourth time winning this prize. The brand is also the first Chinese infant formula brand which was able to win this prize four times in a row.


“We designed a formula to simulate the milk of Chinese mothers. Through scientific techniques, we aimed to realize a fat structure close to that of the milk of Chinese mothers to help improve the intestinal digestive functions of Chinese babies and thus prevent constipation,” President Leng said.


Chairman of Monde Selection, Patrick Derleth, was deeply impressed that Feihe was awarded the prize for four consecutive years.


Joseph Besseman, the chairman of the jury of the general assembly, also spoke highly of the high quality of Feihe, saying, “Feihe have always left a deep impression on me. We are based on the Codex Alimentarius and the European regulations, and the products of Feihe meet and surpass the international standards. “

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