Healeo Nutrition launches gene-based fatty liver treatment programme

To provide 1:1 personalised attention to patients with all stages of fatty liver

Healeo Nutrition, an emerging D2C health and wellness brand, has launched the country’s first DNA-based fatty liver reversal programme. Based out of Bangalore, the startup strives to offer clients highly customised nutrition programmes based on their genetic reports which can reverse up to stage 2 fatty liver within 12 weeks.

The 12-week programme aims to provide patients with an intense and highly personalised course of treatment that thoroughly cleanses and revitalises the body, liver and skin, removing excess fat accumulated in the liver.

The programme begins with a blood sample taken from the clients’ home, which is then sent to a genetic laboratory for DNA sequencing. The report is generated using DNA Microarray technology and once the raw data is generated, a team of bioinformatics experts using advanced machine learning AI translates the data to create a GSA report with Polygenic risk scores for over 230 health, nutrition and exercise attributes. Then, Healeo’s experienced team of nutritional genetics experts use this report to formulate a personalised and precise nutrition regimen that will successfully reverse fatty liver status within 12 weeks.

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