Neogen unveils new assay to detect low levels of cashew allergen

Rapid and easy to use, with a 30 minute time to result

US-based Neogen Corporation has released its innovative Veratox VIP assay for the detection of cashew, the second assay in Neogen’s new Veratox VIP line of enhanced quantitative ELISA products.

The new Veratox VIP for cashew allergen test demonstrates robust performance across sample types while maintaining the simple testing methodology of the Veratox product line.

“As plant-based foods and alternative proteins become more in-demand in the marketplace, it is important that we offer highly sensitive tests that are able to detect even the lowest levels of food allergens in order to protect consumers around the world,” said John Adent, Neogen’s President and CEO. “Cashew is being used more frequently and in more unique ways than before, and it is important that Neogen offers an easy-to-use and highly sensitive solution for its detection.”

This innovative quantitative test demonstrates a high level of specificity to very low levels of cashew protein, down to 0.2 ppm. The product is appropriate for testing samples from a wide variety of product types and processing environments, including heat-processed and UHT matrices. Veratox VIP for Cashew utilizes the same testing methodology as Neogen’s existing Veratox product line, including a 30-minute time-to-result, and ready-to-use, non-hazardous reagents.

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